Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haircut & Puerto Rico

The first 3 pics are before his haircut ... My mom was nice enough to let me borrow her camera, and she took some pics too ... Alex's hair was so cute and curly. But he gets hot easily, and since we're headed to Puerto Rico (in less than an hour) ... he got his first haircut on Saturday. I'll spare you the details of the lady that doesn't know how to cut hair. Ugh. He got his second haircut today, it looks much better. But I don't have any pics of it yet, sorry, been a lil crazy trying to pack .. I haven't slept ... and probably won't until ... hmmm ... not sure, unless I'm lucky and Alex sleeps on the plane!
My grandparent's 50th anniversary is on Saturday, there's going to be a big celebration! We're excited to get away .. I've been working non-stop ... I'm ready for a break. We'll be back on the 28th ... if I can find a computer with internet, I'll post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Running rocks!

I'm on such a high ... I'll enjoy it while it's here, cause once I get to work, it'll be gone. Jenny and I went running this morning, and I'm feeling soooo good. I just figured out our paces, we started at a 16:37 pace, and today we did a 15:02 pace. That's great!

At work, Christina and I are keeping track of our weight ... this week I lost 2.5 pounds. Off to a good start I think. With vacation just around the corner, I don't know that it'll stay off, but I'm on the right track.

I don't have a day off until next Saturday, the 11th ... so it's pretty crazy around here. Lots to do, buy and pack before we leave on the 14th for Puerto Rico. I'm excited about the trip, but overwhelmed with work and life.

Here's some pics of Alex from June 4th. He woke up in such a happy/goofy mood, I had to grab the camera! I was trying on his outfit for Kat's (niece) graduation party that night, he looks so grown! Yes, I know, I trimmed his hair too short, don't worry, it's already grown out. He still hasn't had his hair "cut", just the front trimmed by me twice. Guess I need to do that soon ... everyone keeps asking if he is a girl. Even when he's wearing blue. Hubby gets mad. I think he looks cute. :)