Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grandma Swain has been asking for Christmas pictures ... I still haven't worked on them although I did download the camera, it's one step in the right direction. Then I talked to Mollie last night and promised to work on my blog and adding pictures to facebook of Alex, since he's growing and changing so much and I haven't lately ... BUT ... my parents needed help at their house, so I offered to take Alex over there to take his nap, so while he napped, I could help. Sooo ... I didn't get computer time while he napped today.

I'll try again later ... need to look through the pics and upload them. I will ... soon.

Alex knows most of his ABC's by sight, he has issues with S and Z. He loves "M" for Mommy and "P" for Papa.

Signs he knows: Colors-red, white, black, brown, blue, green, yellow, red, orange. Mommy, daddy, home, work, school, please, sorry, thank you, eat, finished, milk, more, indian, pumpkin, Happy Thanksgiving, spider, dog, cat ... I think there are a few more, but my mind is blank. I'm quizzing him as I'm typing this ... I asked him to sign Merry Christmas, he put his hands on his belly and said "Ho Ho HO!". :)

He just came into the office with his pjs on and a pair of black dress shoes with no socks. He grabbed my cell phone, I took it back and he said (while shaking his head) "No Alex phone, Mommy phone" ... that's right buddy, that's Mommy's phone. :)

Ok ... gotta get his laundry going, kitchen cleaned, and I'm sure lots of other stuff. Daddy is at the Pro Bowl in Miami with 3 of his buddies, so it's Alex and I all day. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Afternoon Delight

I had a drs appointment on Tuesday, so I left work early and got home before it was dark. I usually get home after 6:30, and with the time change, it's pitch black outside, which is NOT good for outside time with Alex. All of the bugs are out.
Here's pictures of our 20 minutes outside before the mosquitos started biting ... daddy was inside making dinner, so I took all of these ... including the ones with me in them. :) We had a blast. Enjoy!

His own camp chair!
He loves the playset we found on Craigslist.
What a great find!
It's over 12 years old and in great shape!
Except for the yellow piece he's standing on ...

The previous owner made it,

but Santiago needed to sand and paint it
... so he added a few extras ...


Rolling around in the grass ... FUN!
This one is begging for an explaination ...
Uncle Robby is into Karate,
while his wife was in Puerto Rico visting her mom,
he came over to dinner ... and taught Alex how to
"Hands up and kick!"
and this is what it looks like ...
Alex is even saying "Eeeyah!"
He loves his Uncle Robby!

I'm lying in the grass,
Alex is standing on my chest,
giggling away!
Tickle tickle tickle

Our "patio"?

There is always time to stop and smell the flowers.


We really had a great time ...
wish we had more of these times together ...
I'll have to work harder at making it happen more often.

Still Alive!

Just got home from an 8 mile run. What a feeling! Jenny did 17 miles, wow. She's training for a full marathon in February. I've done 4 half marathons since I started running and two more to do this "running season".

Today is our 11 year Anniversary. It sure doesn't feel like that long. The last two years have especially flown by with Alex around!

I've disappeared on here cause I'm on Facebook ... I've heard from other bloggers that this is the reason they haven't posted much also. I'm not on FB very much, but I try to keep up here and there. I've got new pics posted there that I need to get posted here as well. I need to post before and after pics of our house ... always something going on.

Alex & I have a playdate tomorrow with two of his daycare buddies. It's nice to hang out with other moms and chit chat and share ideas. I'm loving it.

My dad was in the hospital again last week ... heart issues. Not fun, but he's doing ok.

Alex was home sick two days this past week ... I think just a cold/cough with a fever. I always freak out when he has a fever. It scares me. Just read an article in on of my mags that said not to freak out ... I read it a week too late. Luckily his doctor is available by email and knows I'm a first time freak out kinda mom. I'm so thankful I can email her and pick her brain a bit.

Since we're not getting any younger ... and we want more kids ... we're aiming to start trying after my half marathon in February, we'll see how that goes. I'd like Alex to have a brother and/or sister to grow up with. My cousin in Missouri just had healthy twin boys ... maybe we'll be that lucky too. :)

Ok ... reality is calling ...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dad/Robby Update

Dad got out of ICU yesterday afternoon, he's in CV step-down now. The plan is for him to be there for 2-3 days, then onto a local rehab hospital for 7-10 days. He got the IV out of his neck yesterday too! That was bothering him. He's walking around the floor with his physical therapy people. He seems to be in good spirits. I printed pics of all of the grandkids and hung them in his room so he could focus on their smiling faces. They sure do make him smile!

Robby went to the hospital on Wednesday night, but we didn't find out till Thursday because he's stubborn and told his wife not to tell us. He didn't want to worry us since we were all so focused on dad. He has cellulitis (sp?) ... an infection in his skin? He's on IV antibiotics and resting at the hospital until atleast Sunday (tomorrow). His leg is very hot to the touch, so they're watching it carefully.

I'm headed out for a 7 mile run with our training group. I'm exhausted. It's been a rough week emotionally with dad in the hospital, and now Robby. Santiago has done a great job with the house and Alex and that sure does help. I haven't been home most nights till after Alex is in bed and I hate that. Ok ... time to go!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dad surgery update

Dad's doctor just came in and told us the surgery went great. Although it lasted around 7 hours, and was supposed to be 5-6, so we were worried. The Dr's coat said "Chief of Neurosurgery" - wish I saw that earlier, it might have eased my mind a bit. Dr says they put in rods and screws and he should be walking and feeling better pretty quickly.

Dad is still in recovery, and will be there for another hour. Then he's suppose to be going to CVICU. Last time we were there was when Robby had his heart attack in November 2007. I don't want to go back there, but its for very different reasons. Dr says he'll be there for 3-4 days then to a regular room for a few days. Then, to our surprise, he's going to a rehab hospital. We'll have to get more info on that as the days go on.

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and thoughts sent our way, I really appreciate it. Mom and I spent the day together in the waiting room, talking, reading and stressing. Aunt Kathleen stopped by and chatted with us a bit, that was a nice break. I think tomorrow is back to the real world for me, I think mom might take off another day. I'll update as I can.

Oh, and I've been working on the pictures from Puerto Rico, hopefully I can get them finished soon and posted ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dad Surgery

My dad is having major back surgery tomorrow ... and I'm really worried. It's a 5 hour surgery at Lawnwood, that's a long time to be under. He has a long history of heart issues. So much is racing through my head. :( Hard to put it into words. Maybe the tears running down my cheeks say something?

I'm running in the morning with Jenny & Alex, taking Alex to daycare, then spending the day at the hospital with my mom waiting for dad to come out of his operation. Alex has been sick/teething?? He seems ok, happy, active and such, but I'm worried about sending him to daycare. Things in my family aren't right and that's adding lots more stress. My heart aches, my head is throbbing, my stomach is not right ... my brain is going a million miles a minute. Can I just fast forward through tomorrow? Please? I wish things were different in my life right now. I'm overwhelmed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's that time again ... training season. :) I'm so excited. Jenny and I are volunteering again for the Galloway Training program as Pace Group Leaders for the Palm Beach Half Marathon. We have a pretty big group right now, I think 13 people. Today we're doing 6 miles ... and for most of them, it's the most they've ever done. I really enjoy watching them progress and do things they didn't think they could. I've been up since 4:20am, I need to leave shortly to pick Jenny up and get to Fleet Feet by 5:45 to start running at 6:00 .... it sure is early.

We have a busy day ahead of us ... when I get back from my run, we're going to Alex's open house at his daycare so we can meet his new teachers. He's moving up to the toddler class. It'll be interesting. No more cribs to sleep in, no more tables to hold them ... it's on to mats on the floor for nap time and a small table with chairs. I think they potty train them in this class too. Alex has started telling us when he goes in his diaper, so it's time I guess. I thought you didn't potty train till 3? Shrug. We're learning as we go.

Gotta run .. yes, I know I need to post pics of Puerto Rico .... hopefully this weekend I'll find some time. My brother-in-law, Aldo, is on his way here from Texas to stay with us for a bit, so lots to do before he gets here. Joy joy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haircut & Puerto Rico

The first 3 pics are before his haircut ... My mom was nice enough to let me borrow her camera, and she took some pics too ... Alex's hair was so cute and curly. But he gets hot easily, and since we're headed to Puerto Rico (in less than an hour) ... he got his first haircut on Saturday. I'll spare you the details of the lady that doesn't know how to cut hair. Ugh. He got his second haircut today, it looks much better. But I don't have any pics of it yet, sorry, been a lil crazy trying to pack .. I haven't slept ... and probably won't until ... hmmm ... not sure, unless I'm lucky and Alex sleeps on the plane!
My grandparent's 50th anniversary is on Saturday, there's going to be a big celebration! We're excited to get away .. I've been working non-stop ... I'm ready for a break. We'll be back on the 28th ... if I can find a computer with internet, I'll post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Running rocks!

I'm on such a high ... I'll enjoy it while it's here, cause once I get to work, it'll be gone. Jenny and I went running this morning, and I'm feeling soooo good. I just figured out our paces, we started at a 16:37 pace, and today we did a 15:02 pace. That's great!

At work, Christina and I are keeping track of our weight ... this week I lost 2.5 pounds. Off to a good start I think. With vacation just around the corner, I don't know that it'll stay off, but I'm on the right track.

I don't have a day off until next Saturday, the 11th ... so it's pretty crazy around here. Lots to do, buy and pack before we leave on the 14th for Puerto Rico. I'm excited about the trip, but overwhelmed with work and life.

Here's some pics of Alex from June 4th. He woke up in such a happy/goofy mood, I had to grab the camera! I was trying on his outfit for Kat's (niece) graduation party that night, he looks so grown! Yes, I know, I trimmed his hair too short, don't worry, it's already grown out. He still hasn't had his hair "cut", just the front trimmed by me twice. Guess I need to do that soon ... everyone keeps asking if he is a girl. Even when he's wearing blue. Hubby gets mad. I think he looks cute. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh what a feeling!!

Jenny and I went running this morning! Man, do I feel just so hot and sweaty! :) What a great feeling! We did 1.93 miles in 30:55 with an average pace while running of 13:45. I think the plan is to run MWF and walk with Alex T & Th this week. We're trying to do 2 miles when we run and I think it's 3 miles when we walk. We're trying to get ready for our training group. We don't wanna be huffin and puffin for the easy runs, ya know?

We had a good weekend. Alex and I went to the La Leche Meeting on Saturday, it was nice to catch up with everyone. They helped me figure out how to wear Alex in my ring sling. I'm bringing it with us on our trip to Puerto Rico, hopefully it'll help at the airport.

Alex is having a melt down because I won't let him have my Garmin (running watch) ... write more soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alex Picture

Here's a pic of Alex (17 mths old) on May 12th, just before we moved.

I'll get some more up soon, stop the hate mail! :)

Stolen ....

I'm a fanatic about locking my doors ... sometimes too much so. Not this time. Wednesday night I got home from work, locked the van and came inside. At some point Alex grabbed my keys from my purse, I got them back and moved my purse to where he really couldn't reach (he's growing so fast, he's able to touch so much more!). Apparently he hit the "unlock" button while he had my keys ...

Jenny, Alex and I went for a walk in the morning, got ready for work/school ... got in the van and noticed the area between the front seats was all messed up. I called Santiago, no, he wasn't in the van ... then it hit me. Someone got into my van and stole my camera. UGH. I was early, having a great day ... called the police ... went to the neighbors (some of whom I hadn't met) ... doesn't look like anyone else was hit. They didn't get much, but it's just so frustrating. Items stolen: digital camera & case, car charger for my phone, $5 gift card to Target, mini flash light and Santiago's pocket knife. Well, that's all I can remember anyways. I'm thinking I'll notice more stuff as I look for it, ya know? Luckily I had just cleaned out the van a few weeks ago, so there really wasn't much to take. I'm really mad about my camera though. It was a Christmas gift from Santiago a few years ago and we're going on vacation soon, so we'll have to get a new one, that's not in the budget!

They had to be pretty bold though. It looks like they got in from the passenger side door, because the bionoculars weren't taken that were in the drivers door, and they couldn't have reached the glove box from the drivers door either. The inside light switch wasn't touched, so when they opened the door, all the inside lights came on. I really felt safe here. I'm just so upset.

When I got home last night, I went around to more neighbors ... was nice meeting them. All said the same thing though, "It's a safe area, nothing has ever happened to me" ... yeah, well, guess what. It did to me. Santiago loves me ... before I got home, he moved stuff around in the garage so the van can fit in there now. Makes me feel better. A little bit.

Alex slept all night, YAY! Jenny and I went running this morning, did 1.6 miles with an average pace while running of 14:15. Off to a good start! My mouse isn't working right now, so it's a pain to post pictures right now, but I will try again tonight or this weekend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back on track!

Yeah, I've been missing for way too long ... time seems to be flying by these days ... this post is about my running, I'll post about Alex and the house soon ...

Jenny and I did 1.98 miles with an average while running of 14:38 this morning ... OMG. I feel so totally fantastic! I'm so happy to be running again. We haven't run together since ... April? Jenny sprained her ankle at work and wasn't allowed to run for what seems like forever. We were group leaders for a newbies only running group at Fleet Feet that ended in May at the 'Run for the Pineapple 5k' ... The results show I finished in 50:42, but they didn't have a starting time, so I think it was closer to 49! Yeah, I know, a minute really doesn't matter to most, but it does to me. :) The group we "trained" ran ahead of me, I am so very proud of them! Way to go ladies!

Jenny and I will be pace group leaders (PGL) again (3rd year) for the upcoming Galloway training group at Fleet Feet in Stuart. We're aiming for the Martin County Half Marathon in October and the Palm Beach Half Marathon in December. Bucky is training to do the full in Palm Beach. I think Jenny/Bucky are talking about doing the full marathon in Tampa at Gasparilla in February ... if so, I'll do the 15k on Saturday and cheer her/them on for the full on Sunday. Then in July we're going up to visit April to do the Peachtree Road Race. That's the long range plan anyways!

Although my weight has stayed at a steady high, ugh ... I'm glad it hasn't crept up higher in the last month of non-activity. My eating hasn't been great and stress has been pretty high. I'm hoping today is a day to get back on track and start feeling great again. I've really missed running. I never thought I'd say that, but I do.

Wonder if I can talk Jenny into running tomorrow? I'm gonna try. :) Alex just woke up .. have a great day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


We finally closed on our house today but my computer crashed two days ago. Bucky is updating this for me but I will update with pictures as soon as possible.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No closing yet

Our closing was scheduled for today. It didn't happen. Long story short, people before us were purchasing the house, their mortgage company did paperwork but didn't close it, then they went out of business. Now my mortgage people have tried to hunt them down, they won't return calls ... so my mortgage people were forced to go to FHA to get the case closed. BLAH. Glad my mortgage people are explaining this all to me and I like them, it helps a little!

I'm just so frustrated. Had to call FPL *again* to reschedule the power being put in our name. Had to cancel the A/C repair people. Tell the painters they can't start working this weekend. Tell my brother he can't start on the alarm system this weekend. I had my heart set on April 8th.

Santiago has to go to IRS tomorrow in person to request papers that they keep rejecting for the closing. He'll be mad when he finally leaves there I'm sure. Especially since it's tax time. Such a brave guy.

We're hoping the closing will be sometime next week.

My parents are leaving tomorrow for Texas to visit my brother and family. Wish I was going. blah.

Yeah, I'm cranky and probably shouldn't post when I'm in this mood .... I'm ready to start working on the house ... we're going to rent ours out ... so we are going to have to move faster than planned. Just so much going on. Alex is on spring break next week ... and with my parents out of town, hubby and I are each taking off two days from work, Jenny is thankfully watching him on Monday (her day off) ... just so much going on! And so much more to do and do and do ... yes, the end result will be worth it, that's the only thing keeping me somewhat sane.

Blah ... Babbling isn't helping ... time for bed.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The park ... in pictures!

Two weekends ago, at the spur of the moment, we took Alex to the park down the street from our new house ... yes, he's in his pjs, but he had a blast! The ground is a soft mat all the way around, with mulch along the edges. He played on the smaller of the two playsets, so he'll enjoy it for years to come!

Quick house update - The closing is set for April 8th, which is next Wednesday ... we're really so excited! We are slowly getting plans in order ... have boxes, but haven't packed a thing yet! Eeeks. I'm in trouble already! And just in case you care ... I'm not the decorator type! This is stressful. Picking out verticals? Colors for all rooms? Too much stress.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

3rd folder, 1st picture with the color BROWN.

Another one taken with my camera phone ... January 16, 2009 ... Alex in a good mood heading to daycare. The boo boo on his nose is, sadly, from my nail. :( Bad mommy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

2008 - St. Patrick's Day
3 months old

2009 St. Patrick's Day
15 months old

I have a video, but it's not posting ... will try again in the morning.

A few more pictures ... these are from March 8 (1st time in 'training pants' - no, I'm not trying to potty train him, just letting him air out a bit) and March 11 (just lookin cute) ... again taken with my camera phone ... I need to find our real camera.

We got it!

The accepted our offer of $97,500!!!!!! YAY!!!! Although we knew we'd take it at 100, that lil bit of savings will help with the appliances we need to buy- fridge, stove, washer and dryer.

Now it's time to get all of our paperwork in order ... last 2 years tax returns, last 3 paystubs, last 3 months bank statements, first born's lock of hair ... you get the picture.

Santiago is working another double today, and I have a homeowners association meeting after work, so it'll be a lil crazy around here. My parents are getting Alex from daycare and doing dinner/bath, so that'll be a huge help.

We're meeting with the mortgage guy tomorrow afternoon at my office, so I have to have everything in order and ready ... whew ... lots to do.

We're hoping to close around April 8th ... not sure everyone can move that fast though. Alex's daycare is closed the following week, so we are already taking off work ... maybe we can work on the house a little with Alex in tow ... not sure how well of a plan that is! I've already contacted a home inspector, he'll be at the house on Monday. The mortgage guy is taking care of the appraisal. My uncle is a surveyor, guess I need to find out if I need that done.

Lots on my mind ... and I'm late for work .... we're so very excited. A real house! Yes!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost there ....

The house we put an offer on is in the St. James area ... near the park on Manville & Selvitz in North Port St. Lucie. It is on the market for 109,000 ... we offered 95,00 ... yesterday they countered back with 100,000 ... we countered back with 97,500 ... we're waiting on an answer now. The selling realtor is really on the ball, and actually calls back when he says he will, and he said it would be today, so I'm excited! Even if they come back at 100, we're buying it. :)

After work yesterday, I met my brother, Robby, and his wife, Rita, at the house to show them and see what they thought. Robby is in corrections now, but use to work for a security alarm firm, so I wanted to see how much he thought it would cost to get an alarm system installed. Not that I don't think it's a safe area, but since it's a split plan, Alex's room is waaaaaay across the house from ours. I just want some peace of mind, ya know? Plus he's real handy, so I wanted his thoughts on some projects.

These pictures are from my camera phone, so the quality isn't the best, but gives you an idea ...

Kitchen is on the small side, we'll need to buy a stove and fridge.

Living Room. To the left is the dining area.

Master bath. I'm not totally in love with it, but it'll work just fine. I think in the near future, we'll take out the tub and put in a large shower. And Rita (SIL) suggested turning the shower area into a linen closet. I hadn't even noticed there wasn't one in there! I told hubby when I got home, and he hadn't noticed either. Great idea!
Today is my day off, but I'm going into the office for a few hours, or the day. We'll see. I've been working on taxes for the last several weeks and I'm behind on my regular work. Maybe I can make a lil dent in it today since everyone thinks I'm off and won't bother me! :)