Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Under Contract

Sigh. The house had 16 bids in 4 days. :( Ours wasn't accepted. We put in a bid, the asking price, Saturday morning, along with all of the papers they asked for. The stupid MLS listing shows "Pending" as of today, hello, we put in our bid on Saturday?! ARGH. Wish they would have told us they had other offers, but they didn't, they said they didn't have any.

I'm so ... I don't know the word ... sad. I was already picturing living there ... meeting the neighbors, going to the park. :( I'd thought of decorating Alex's room, a real room, where it was all his. Instead of what it is now ... his room and our office. And it's all of maybe 10x10? And really, I don't think it's that big.

I'm just so disappointed. We have everything in order. Our credit, the down payment ... sigh. I was telling Santiago tonight how I didn't think we got it, but even as I said it, I didn't believe it. In my heart, I felt it was ours. And it's not.

I looked on MLS tonight ... and there's nothing new in the area we want and the money we are comfy spending. So we'll go check out the rest of the ones I printed on Thursday night that we didn't look at because we fell in love with that one.

Blah. And I don't know why, but I'm crying. Blah.

Friday, February 20, 2009

House Hunting

My head is pounding. We've decided to buy a house. I'm overwhelmed by it all.

To give you a lil background ... I bought the condo we live in in 1996 when I was 21, single and working 3 jobs ... it's a 2/2, 900 sq ft ... was great for a single girl, and fine when we got married 10 years ago ... but now it's just too small for our growing family and since it's a condo, we have no place to expand.

I contacted the bank ... we're approved for the range we're interested in. I didn't even ask what we were approved for. Our credit is good, we don't have any credit cards ... we owe on our van and couch, that's it.

There is a foreclosure across from my parents, a 3/2, 1700 sq ft, CBS house ... which needs a LOT of work. But my heart is set on it. I want to live across from my parents, so Alex can grow up with them very closeby. But hub finally saw the inside of it for himself today, after weeks of planning to buy it ... and said no way. It just needs too much work. :(

I was worried we wouldn't be the high bidder at the auction, so yesterday I started looking at the houses available in this area ... oh my. There are lots. Yesterday we looked inside of 2. That was neat. One was wow, the other was yuck. But the wow one is priced at 104. I'd really like to stay around 80.

So last night, I hunted and hunted and hunted online ... printed out 14 ... hub and I sat and looked over the info and picked 9 we wanted to see the inside of. My friend Gail is a realtor, she showed us two (they were occupied) ... one was wow, the other was yuck. This time the wow one was 99 and a 4/2/2. That's a little closer, right? :)

We planned on looking at 5 on Saturday morning, but on the way home from looking at those two today, we decided to take a quick peek at one that we were really interested in that just went on the market 4 days ago ... and oh my goodness!!! It's near a park, in a good area, there's a sidewalk to my parents house (maybe 3 miles one way?) ... It's a 3/2/2, split plan, 1847 sq ft, tile, roman tub in the master, screened porch, fenced back yard, built in 1995, new roof in 2005 ... for 79?!?! OH MY GOODNESS. Can this really be ours?

We're puttin in an offer *full listing price* tomorrow morning ... I have a headache trying to wrap my head around it all ... and all of the details!! We're so excited. Bad picture, but it's the only one I can find ...

Oh ... my head is pounding ... and my heart is too ... I'm excited and nervous. A real house. For us. :) I don't like that Alex's room will be across the house. I've enjoyed hearing him breathing while I'm on the computer. It's 2 of our condos! Our 3 cats won't know what to do with all the space!! Ok ... I'm gonna try to sleep. And yes, I know I'm behind on emails again ... I'll try to get to them this weekend!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

The blog 4 Little Men and Girly Twins posted a Random Picture Challenge ... you pick the 3rd picture in either your January 2007 folder or the 13th folder.

Here's the 3rd picture in our 13th folder ...

July 27, 2008 at 9:15am, it must have been time for Alex's morning nap and he wouldn't go down? Who knows. Anytime daddy couldn't get him to sleep, this worked, it doesn't anymore. Alex is 7 months old in this picture ... and the reclincer they're in now lives at Jenny's house.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday Pictures

I've been sucked into Facebook ... which isn't good ... although I have enjoyed connecting with some of my highschool buddies .... but now the little time I do have on the computer, it's spent there instead of here. Bad Christy. :(

Here's some pics to make up for it. I took these with my camera yesterday morning as I was dropping Alex off at daycare. And yes, it's time for his 1st haircut ... soon.