Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh what a feeling!!

Jenny and I went running this morning! Man, do I feel just so hot and sweaty! :) What a great feeling! We did 1.93 miles in 30:55 with an average pace while running of 13:45. I think the plan is to run MWF and walk with Alex T & Th this week. We're trying to do 2 miles when we run and I think it's 3 miles when we walk. We're trying to get ready for our training group. We don't wanna be huffin and puffin for the easy runs, ya know?

We had a good weekend. Alex and I went to the La Leche Meeting on Saturday, it was nice to catch up with everyone. They helped me figure out how to wear Alex in my ring sling. I'm bringing it with us on our trip to Puerto Rico, hopefully it'll help at the airport.

Alex is having a melt down because I won't let him have my Garmin (running watch) ... write more soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alex Picture

Here's a pic of Alex (17 mths old) on May 12th, just before we moved.

I'll get some more up soon, stop the hate mail! :)

Stolen ....

I'm a fanatic about locking my doors ... sometimes too much so. Not this time. Wednesday night I got home from work, locked the van and came inside. At some point Alex grabbed my keys from my purse, I got them back and moved my purse to where he really couldn't reach (he's growing so fast, he's able to touch so much more!). Apparently he hit the "unlock" button while he had my keys ...

Jenny, Alex and I went for a walk in the morning, got ready for work/school ... got in the van and noticed the area between the front seats was all messed up. I called Santiago, no, he wasn't in the van ... then it hit me. Someone got into my van and stole my camera. UGH. I was early, having a great day ... called the police ... went to the neighbors (some of whom I hadn't met) ... doesn't look like anyone else was hit. They didn't get much, but it's just so frustrating. Items stolen: digital camera & case, car charger for my phone, $5 gift card to Target, mini flash light and Santiago's pocket knife. Well, that's all I can remember anyways. I'm thinking I'll notice more stuff as I look for it, ya know? Luckily I had just cleaned out the van a few weeks ago, so there really wasn't much to take. I'm really mad about my camera though. It was a Christmas gift from Santiago a few years ago and we're going on vacation soon, so we'll have to get a new one, that's not in the budget!

They had to be pretty bold though. It looks like they got in from the passenger side door, because the bionoculars weren't taken that were in the drivers door, and they couldn't have reached the glove box from the drivers door either. The inside light switch wasn't touched, so when they opened the door, all the inside lights came on. I really felt safe here. I'm just so upset.

When I got home last night, I went around to more neighbors ... was nice meeting them. All said the same thing though, "It's a safe area, nothing has ever happened to me" ... yeah, well, guess what. It did to me. Santiago loves me ... before I got home, he moved stuff around in the garage so the van can fit in there now. Makes me feel better. A little bit.

Alex slept all night, YAY! Jenny and I went running this morning, did 1.6 miles with an average pace while running of 14:15. Off to a good start! My mouse isn't working right now, so it's a pain to post pictures right now, but I will try again tonight or this weekend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back on track!

Yeah, I've been missing for way too long ... time seems to be flying by these days ... this post is about my running, I'll post about Alex and the house soon ...

Jenny and I did 1.98 miles with an average while running of 14:38 this morning ... OMG. I feel so totally fantastic! I'm so happy to be running again. We haven't run together since ... April? Jenny sprained her ankle at work and wasn't allowed to run for what seems like forever. We were group leaders for a newbies only running group at Fleet Feet that ended in May at the 'Run for the Pineapple 5k' ... The results show I finished in 50:42, but they didn't have a starting time, so I think it was closer to 49! Yeah, I know, a minute really doesn't matter to most, but it does to me. :) The group we "trained" ran ahead of me, I am so very proud of them! Way to go ladies!

Jenny and I will be pace group leaders (PGL) again (3rd year) for the upcoming Galloway training group at Fleet Feet in Stuart. We're aiming for the Martin County Half Marathon in October and the Palm Beach Half Marathon in December. Bucky is training to do the full in Palm Beach. I think Jenny/Bucky are talking about doing the full marathon in Tampa at Gasparilla in February ... if so, I'll do the 15k on Saturday and cheer her/them on for the full on Sunday. Then in July we're going up to visit April to do the Peachtree Road Race. That's the long range plan anyways!

Although my weight has stayed at a steady high, ugh ... I'm glad it hasn't crept up higher in the last month of non-activity. My eating hasn't been great and stress has been pretty high. I'm hoping today is a day to get back on track and start feeling great again. I've really missed running. I never thought I'd say that, but I do.

Wonder if I can talk Jenny into running tomorrow? I'm gonna try. :) Alex just woke up .. have a great day!