Saturday, September 27, 2008

9 miles

Oh my.

Yes, I did 9 miles this morning. I've been up since 4am ... and I'm still on the go ... rush rush rush.

Watch your odometer next time you're in the car, it's far! I'm still a bit sick, so I had a hard time (breathing), and my body feels a little sore, just your typical "I did 9 miles" sore, nothing special. I did have to take a little break to catch my breath but otherwise, I did it. YAY!!!

I'm off to the La Leche meeting with Alex ... rush rush rush. Will try to write more later. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A step in the right direction

Alex and I went walking this morning with Jenny. The last time I was out doing any kind of exercise was 2 weeks ago. The week Alex was sick I went running with our group and did our usual 3 miles. Today we took Alex with us because I knew we were walking, not running. I'm still not feeling great. Still coughing and my voice sounds yucky. But we did 2.81 miles, so I'm not complaining! :) I don't feel the usual high right now, but that's ok.

I missed meeting Jeff Galloway on Saturday, that really bummed me out. Jenny said they had a great run and missed me. I miss my running, and my group. :( Wahhh. Yes, I'm whining.

Daycare called me yesterday, Alex wasn't feeling well. His ears are red, he had a low fever and he had the runs. :( Poor lil guy. Our Dr called in a new antibiotic for him. I'm hoping it knocks whatever he has out. He was a cranky lil boy last night too ... I think he has more teeth coming in, which I'm sure doesn't feel great.

Alex showed us he has learned something new ... he can go from laying down in his crib to standing up. We're in trouble now! Before, you had to sit him down and he figured out how to stand, now he's standing from any position. So in the middle of the night, he decided he wanted to stand ... and cry and scream. I slept through it, but Santiago said Alex was not happy and would only calm down with a bottle ... not a good habit, but I was sleeping, so who am I to say? Alex woke up at 4:45 this morning kinda cranky but then played for a bit ... he's at daycare now with little sleep. I hope his day goes better, he was happy when I dropped him off.

I'm jumping in the shower and heading to work .... yippeeeeeeeeee! (Faked enthusiasm) I need another day home. I just don't feel right.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament

I'm late in posting this ... but considering the cooties in my house over the last two weeks, I'm sure you guys understand.

The daycare Alex goes to, Sign with Me Child Development, is having a fund raiser.

Next Saturday, Sept 20th from 7 - 11 pm is a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. The grand prize is an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas to play in a poker tournament. Free Beer & Wine, Soda and appetizers. It will be held at the daycare, which is off Midway Road in Fort Pierce. Donation is $50.00 per person.

Santiago and I went in March with my brother, Robby. We had a fun time!!! We are not experienced poker tournament players, so we went more to support our daycare than to win. They taught the newbies how to play, which I greatly apprecaited. They gave away gift certificates (dinner, movies, etc.) in between rounds. There was a 50/50, I think the winner won over $500!

For the "real" poker players ... your donation covers a certain amount of chips. There is ONE chance during the night to buy a set amount of chips (I'm sure there is a name for this, but I don't remember what it's called).

If you're interested, please email me at Thanks!

Me - ugh.

It's my turn. I'm sick. I hate being sick. Alex was sick all last week and is still sounding croupy. His fever broke on Saturday and he's back to sleeping through the night and playing/eating like the happy lil boy he is.

On Sunday I started having a sore throat. I cleaned everything down with Clorox wipes. You know, the door handles, light switches, remotes, cell phone, etc etc. I went to work on Monday, but left early, had a fever. I worked a full day Tuesday. After all, I only worked 1 full day last week, so I felt like I needed to be there.

By Wednesday morning, my throat was really killing me, I had a fever, sneezing, coughing, my ears hurt, just not feeling good. I went to see Dr. P, got some meds, and went home to rest.

This morning it hit me ... I'm very blessed. Yes, I'm sick. But, really, I'm blessed. Yesterday and today my dad took Alex to daycare for me. Santiago is taking care of Alex and me. My mom is picking Alex up from daycare today. Mom, dad, Robby, Jenny have all called to check on me, it's sweet. It feels good.

We're trying our best not to re-infect Alex. Poor kid is still coughing and sneezing, I don't want him getting it again. I need to break the cycle of cooties at my house.

When I got home from the drs yesterday, I took my meds, then I read the warnings on the bottle ... "May cause drowsiness" oops. I put on the radio (country) and sped around the house. Washed my hands a zillion times. Loaded & started the dishwasher. Threw the couch blankets in the wash. Boiled Alex's nipples (wouldn't have to do that if I nursed! argh) Wiped down everything with clorox wipes. Threw out my toothbrush. Emptied garbage. Finally I collapased on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

Who knows if I've killed the cooties. I know I'm trying. I'm praying Santiago nor Alex get them.

Jenny called me yesterday, she said I need to not worry about our 8.5 mile run on Saturday, she'll take care of our group. And she's right. But I was stressed over it. Jeff Galloway is going to be there, and I really wanted to meet him again. He's a nice guy with tons of knowledge and he's running with you, you get a chance to talk to him one-on-one. I really want to be there, but in my condition, there's just no way. The last time I ran was last Tuesday, we did 3 miles.

It's time for some more meds ... which means another nap. Maybe it'll be uninterrupted. I highly doubt it. Work has called a few times already ...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

High Fever

Ugh. Alex had a decent day ... fevers stayed low, he was in a good mood, played almost all day ... didn't want his bottle, but drank pedalyte and ate food just fine.

He didn't sleep well, but he finally took a decent nap this evening on me ... but woke up with a 104.1 fever. Maybe it's higher because he slept on me (my body heat?), I don't know!

I think this is the highest it's ever been. I remember when I took him to the ER when he was 4 months old, it was 103.8.

He just had a short bottle of pedalyte and daddy is feeding him dinner right now ... he's eating it ... that's a good sign. I hope the fever comes down quick ...

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them! We've done the cool shower, cool cloth, cool drinks, little to no clothes .... the a/c is down to 73 and now back to alternating the tylenol and motrin. Poor little guy.

Cooties, Cooties

go away!

Yes, that means Alex is sick. :( Monday afternoon he started coughing and had a fever. Santiago stayed home with him yesterday. I thought things were going good, until he called around 3:45 telling me his fever was up to 103.3. I freeked. I emailed Alex's (and my) doctor, Dr. Punger, and she said we could come in. I left work and met Santiago at the doctors office. When I got there, Alex was just in a diaper, buring up and just not happy. Danielle was also there with her daughter, Natalie, we got to chit chat a bit, that was a nice bonus.

Alex got a shot of antibiotics and some drops in his ear for an ear infection. By the time we were leaving, my parents were in the waiting room concerned about Alex. We all headed home ... Alex fell asleep on the way home and slept some when we got home, but only if he was being held.

It was not a good night. His fever kept spiking ... it got up to 103.6. We were alternating tylenol and motrin every 4 hours. Sometimes being a first time mommy is for the birds. I hate not knowing what to do. I get online, look for ideas ... try them ... and I want them to work immediately, and I know that's not how it works. But it was just killing me to see and hear Alex so unhappy. He's generally a happy baby, and all he would do was whine and cry, even while being held. I sent so many emails to my dr, I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts. :)

We finally got him calmed down enough and decided to put him in bed with us. I asked Santiago if he was comfy, he said his comfort wasn't important, Alex's was (can you say "awwww"). Last night wasn't fun, but his fever broke around 3-4am ... we were thrilled!!!

Santago went to work, I'm home with Alex ... at 7am he had a slight fever, 100.4. He only drank half of his morning bottle, so I'll be watching him. He's much happier right now than he has been, so I'll take it. He's trying so hard to crawl like a big boy on all fours ... and he's banging stuff around, so that's all good.

Update 11 am - Temp is 98.8 ... quietly saying "yay!" ... he's cranky though, so we'll see ... hopefully the fever stays away. He's still coughing and crying when he coughs. On the bonus side ... I'm rocking him to sleep, which I enjoy ... and playing on the floor with him.