Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No closing yet

Our closing was scheduled for today. It didn't happen. Long story short, people before us were purchasing the house, their mortgage company did paperwork but didn't close it, then they went out of business. Now my mortgage people have tried to hunt them down, they won't return calls ... so my mortgage people were forced to go to FHA to get the case closed. BLAH. Glad my mortgage people are explaining this all to me and I like them, it helps a little!

I'm just so frustrated. Had to call FPL *again* to reschedule the power being put in our name. Had to cancel the A/C repair people. Tell the painters they can't start working this weekend. Tell my brother he can't start on the alarm system this weekend. I had my heart set on April 8th.

Santiago has to go to IRS tomorrow in person to request papers that they keep rejecting for the closing. He'll be mad when he finally leaves there I'm sure. Especially since it's tax time. Such a brave guy.

We're hoping the closing will be sometime next week.

My parents are leaving tomorrow for Texas to visit my brother and family. Wish I was going. blah.

Yeah, I'm cranky and probably shouldn't post when I'm in this mood .... I'm ready to start working on the house ... we're going to rent ours out ... so we are going to have to move faster than planned. Just so much going on. Alex is on spring break next week ... and with my parents out of town, hubby and I are each taking off two days from work, Jenny is thankfully watching him on Monday (her day off) ... just so much going on! And so much more to do and do and do ... yes, the end result will be worth it, that's the only thing keeping me somewhat sane.

Blah ... Babbling isn't helping ... time for bed.


  1. Awwww man! I'm crossing my fingers for next week! Hang in there, girl.

  2. It'll get better although it may not look that way now. Just breathe.

  3. all good things are worth waiting for! Patience girl.

  4. I've been wondering if you have closed, yet. I guess not....