Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh what a feeling!!

Jenny and I went running this morning! Man, do I feel just so hot and sweaty! :) What a great feeling! We did 1.93 miles in 30:55 with an average pace while running of 13:45. I think the plan is to run MWF and walk with Alex T & Th this week. We're trying to do 2 miles when we run and I think it's 3 miles when we walk. We're trying to get ready for our training group. We don't wanna be huffin and puffin for the easy runs, ya know?

We had a good weekend. Alex and I went to the La Leche Meeting on Saturday, it was nice to catch up with everyone. They helped me figure out how to wear Alex in my ring sling. I'm bringing it with us on our trip to Puerto Rico, hopefully it'll help at the airport.

Alex is having a melt down because I won't let him have my Garmin (running watch) ... write more soon.

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