Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grandma Swain has been asking for Christmas pictures ... I still haven't worked on them although I did download the camera, it's one step in the right direction. Then I talked to Mollie last night and promised to work on my blog and adding pictures to facebook of Alex, since he's growing and changing so much and I haven't lately ... BUT ... my parents needed help at their house, so I offered to take Alex over there to take his nap, so while he napped, I could help. Sooo ... I didn't get computer time while he napped today.

I'll try again later ... need to look through the pics and upload them. I will ... soon.

Alex knows most of his ABC's by sight, he has issues with S and Z. He loves "M" for Mommy and "P" for Papa.

Signs he knows: Colors-red, white, black, brown, blue, green, yellow, red, orange. Mommy, daddy, home, work, school, please, sorry, thank you, eat, finished, milk, more, indian, pumpkin, Happy Thanksgiving, spider, dog, cat ... I think there are a few more, but my mind is blank. I'm quizzing him as I'm typing this ... I asked him to sign Merry Christmas, he put his hands on his belly and said "Ho Ho HO!". :)

He just came into the office with his pjs on and a pair of black dress shoes with no socks. He grabbed my cell phone, I took it back and he said (while shaking his head) "No Alex phone, Mommy phone" ... that's right buddy, that's Mommy's phone. :)

Ok ... gotta get his laundry going, kitchen cleaned, and I'm sure lots of other stuff. Daddy is at the Pro Bowl in Miami with 3 of his buddies, so it's Alex and I all day. :)

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