Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still Alive!

Just got home from an 8 mile run. What a feeling! Jenny did 17 miles, wow. She's training for a full marathon in February. I've done 4 half marathons since I started running and two more to do this "running season".

Today is our 11 year Anniversary. It sure doesn't feel like that long. The last two years have especially flown by with Alex around!

I've disappeared on here cause I'm on Facebook ... I've heard from other bloggers that this is the reason they haven't posted much also. I'm not on FB very much, but I try to keep up here and there. I've got new pics posted there that I need to get posted here as well. I need to post before and after pics of our house ... always something going on.

Alex & I have a playdate tomorrow with two of his daycare buddies. It's nice to hang out with other moms and chit chat and share ideas. I'm loving it.

My dad was in the hospital again last week ... heart issues. Not fun, but he's doing ok.

Alex was home sick two days this past week ... I think just a cold/cough with a fever. I always freak out when he has a fever. It scares me. Just read an article in on of my mags that said not to freak out ... I read it a week too late. Luckily his doctor is available by email and knows I'm a first time freak out kinda mom. I'm so thankful I can email her and pick her brain a bit.

Since we're not getting any younger ... and we want more kids ... we're aiming to start trying after my half marathon in February, we'll see how that goes. I'd like Alex to have a brother and/or sister to grow up with. My cousin in Missouri just had healthy twin boys ... maybe we'll be that lucky too. :)

Ok ... reality is calling ...

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