Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dad/Robby Update

Dad got out of ICU yesterday afternoon, he's in CV step-down now. The plan is for him to be there for 2-3 days, then onto a local rehab hospital for 7-10 days. He got the IV out of his neck yesterday too! That was bothering him. He's walking around the floor with his physical therapy people. He seems to be in good spirits. I printed pics of all of the grandkids and hung them in his room so he could focus on their smiling faces. They sure do make him smile!

Robby went to the hospital on Wednesday night, but we didn't find out till Thursday because he's stubborn and told his wife not to tell us. He didn't want to worry us since we were all so focused on dad. He has cellulitis (sp?) ... an infection in his skin? He's on IV antibiotics and resting at the hospital until atleast Sunday (tomorrow). His leg is very hot to the touch, so they're watching it carefully.

I'm headed out for a 7 mile run with our training group. I'm exhausted. It's been a rough week emotionally with dad in the hospital, and now Robby. Santiago has done a great job with the house and Alex and that sure does help. I haven't been home most nights till after Alex is in bed and I hate that. Ok ... time to go!

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